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About Us


Our Values

We are experienced and enthusiastic chess players and coaches. Our vision is to create the best online chess academy for children at an affordable cost and at the same time improve their memory and concentration. We want our students to learn, compete, and win more prizes in both the national and international level. We always put our full efforts to bring out the best in them and ensure that they are given all that they need to succeed.


Professional and Experienced

We are a team of professional coaches with high level of experience. We have a structured curriculum and ensure that every student gets the most out of each class.


Focused and motivational

Our team focuses on bringing out the best in our students. We motivate our students to have that same drive and focus. Rewards and incentives are implemented for encouragement as well.


High Quality Education

Our online platform is enhanced to refine the quality of learning that each child receives. Specialized assignments and feedback is given to help each student improve.

Our Approach

We want to create young champions and strategic minds. We conduct many computerized assessments and practices among the students to improve their skills. Several different tournaments are conducted for the students regularly and we try to create exciting opportunities for students to take up chess as their lifelong hobby and profession.

Our Features

Online Classes

We conduct small-group lessons with integrated audio, video and real-time visual board so students are given all materials to learn.

Online Tournaments

We conduct online tournaments in various formats. These are open to all students and are created to give students opportunities to try out their new skills while meeting other players.

Practice Games

We have an extensive collection of practice games for students to practice with detailed solutions and explanations. These help strengthen the students' foundational skill to improve their overall playing technique.

Programs we offer

Beginner Level 1

● Chess Basic concepts

● Approximately it will go for 12-14 weeks

● Monthly fee – $50

Intermediate Level 1 

● Improve Chess tactics 

● Approximately it will go for 24-28 weeks 

● Monthly fee – $70 

Advance Level 1 

● Various Chess strategies 

● Approximately it will go for 24-28 weeks 

● Monthly fee – $90 

Beginner Level 2 

● Strengthen Chess Foundation concepts

● Approximately it will go for 12-14 weeks

● Monthly fee – $60 

Intermediate Level 2 

● Enhance Chess tactics & improve game quality 

● Approximately it will go for 24-28 weeks 

● Monthly fee – $80

Advance Level 2 

● Advance Chess strategies 

● Approximately it will go for 12 months 

● Monthly fee – $100 

❖ Weekly one group online class via zoom
❖ Small group size(Very less Student to Teacher ratio)
❖ Homework assignments in our platform and there is no need to buy or any other tool for additional homework
❖ Weekly one tutoring session(Unique feature to address kids doubts and analyze their games and advise for improvements)
❖ Weekly Tournaments
❖ Unique reward points program to completely motivate the students to play more and earn more. Kid can earn back upto 20% of the fees in the form of
reward points and redeem to buy real stuff they like.
❖ Monthly progress & rewards report
❖ Class reminders
❖ No additional fees if a month has 5 weeks(our fees is by month)
❖ Sibling discount
❖ Referral bonus

For International Master and Grandmaster training needs, please fill the contact us form with details about your chess experience

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Please reach out us to know more

Frequently Asked Questions


Parents should regularly check in with kids’ practice and make sure they practice chess for at least one hour per day.

Each class will have an average of 5 students and one coach.

At BBCA, kids can start at the age of 5 years if the kid is interested and enjoys chess.


In order to see good improvements, we recommend 4-5 hours of practicing per week.

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